Sunday, March 16


Terra cotta dried clay with terra sigillata

18"x 12"x 15"

Catherine Shinnick: Nature’s Disciple by Julia R. Myers

"Using the horse as a metaphor, a sculptor depicts the relationship between the human
subconscious and nature.

Viewing the work of Catherine Shinnick, one can immediately observe a respect and affinity for horses. A thorough understanding of these animals obtained through years spent training them comes through in the sculptures that very accurately, though somewhat abstractly, mimic equine behavior. Yet the sculptures reveal more than a love for horses; they allude to a reverence for and a connection to the natural world as a whole." excerpt by Julia R. Myers

Ceramics Monthly; Oct2006, Vol. 54 Issue 8, p34-36, 3p, 4 color photographs

Chisholm Gallery

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