Saturday, July 27


right side

left side

Cast Bronze

18"x 8"x 18"

Chisholm Gallery

Most of us long for connection,
and we find ourselves on a quest
to re-establish our closeness
to nature.

Sunday, June 7

Friday, December 26

Peace on Earth

Working this winter in Harbor Springs Michigan.
More later!

Mail can be sent to MCShinnick at gmail dot com
(discontinued 2012 no computer available)

Wednesday, April 30

Studio on Bois Blanc Island

Studio on Bois Blanc Island back in action
as I will be carving stone there
as soon as I adjust to the cooler temperature.
It doesn't take me long as I revert to my Spartan self very quickly
in the process of running the fires.

I was going up tomorrow but I have
too much to do here while I get the chance.
Tom says he's glad to have me on the premises.

Firing a second time on Friday as well as
presenting nine sculptures to the dealers in
Glen Arbor (Synchronicity Gallery)
and of course it's nice to have running water.

Looks like the weather is coming around next week
and my buddy says he wants to help so we'll see.

Love, M C Shinnick

Tuesday, March 18



Cast bronze

21" x 8" x 22"

Limited Edition

"Catherine's years spent raising horses shine through
in her close bond and continuing fascination with
their strength and grace. Several of her most significant
works in bronze and ceramic are horses, sometimes
with the additional allusion to her own connection to
them. The person usually appears preternaturally
small in comparison with the beast, accentuating the
concept of human vulnerability." Sam Heller Fine Art

right side

left side

The fun ... in portraying the horse is using...
negative space
to invite the viewer to look closer and within.

I am interested in texture and in allowing the clay ...
to express their own language.
I like to make the image float,
an echo of my memories
of the thrilling sensation of riding.

Minerva Gallery
Peter Bartlow Gallery

Sunday, March 16

Lying Down

Glazed clay with a bronze oxide wash

17"x 8"x 11"

Chisholm Gallery


Terra cotta dried clay with terra sigillata

18"x 12"x 15"

Catherine Shinnick: Nature’s Disciple by Julia R. Myers

"Using the horse as a metaphor, a sculptor depicts the relationship between the human
subconscious and nature.

Viewing the work of Catherine Shinnick, one can immediately observe a respect and affinity for horses. A thorough understanding of these animals obtained through years spent training them comes through in the sculptures that very accurately, though somewhat abstractly, mimic equine behavior. Yet the sculptures reveal more than a love for horses; they allude to a reverence for and a connection to the natural world as a whole." excerpt by Julia R. Myers

Ceramics Monthly; Oct2006, Vol. 54 Issue 8, p34-36, 3p, 4 color photographs

Chisholm Gallery

Galloping V

Ceramic sculpture - 20"x10"x18"

Celadon glaze on the base
and low fired glaze with copper oxide wash
on the horse and rider